Drum Loops & Fills



My drum playing was originally recorded on analog 1/2" multitrack tape, performed with acoustic drums, recorded in 1996, by my good friend Raphael Rosenwald. The drum playing in the Funky folder, however, was recorded digitally.

Most tracks were recorded with a metronome, but some without. However, I still think they're worth sharing, and perhaps usable. Maybe you'll feel the same:)


Here are a few samples:




  • Funk, Jungle, and Mambo drum beats, including fills in these and other styles. (Recorded on analog 1/2" multitrack tape, and digitally, performed with acoustic drums)
  • 7 Beats
  • 7 Fills                                                                                                                                                             


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Credit - The Michael Rien Drum Loops & Fills Vol. 1 (Performed with acoustic drums)



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