Primal Urge Productions


All artists have an urge to communicate and express their desires, bringing them out from the subconscious to the conscious. Some have a clear cut plan, some fill in the blanks as they go along.

PRIMAL URGE PRODUCTIONS is the production and arrangement studio, created and run by multi-instrumentalists and engineers who know what music can be, should be and ultimately must be.


Past clients - Chanda M, Itsik Romano, Senga Jeffe, Christina Fantis, Sharon Azrieli, Dee Luxe, Papi Mason, Jason Frechette, Boaz Davidoff, John Hislop, Chanda M, Von Dalia, Ninth9State, Powerland, The Stone Rocket, Sarah Sokal, Jason Walters AKA Abe Froman (Special Ops), M'Haiti Muffin, Ben Graur, Rick Wylde, Earth Chronicles, Champagne Charlie, Transmission In Progress