The Actor

Michael has been acting on the side for many years.

Landed the 3rd Role in the documentary series Les Filieres Canadiennes and has done Extra work for Blockbuster Movies.



Special Skills - Action


Special Skills - Music




Blockbusters (Extra Work):

Barney's Version starring Dustin Hoffman, The Aviator starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Beyond Borders starring Angelina Jolie.



Independent (Roles):

Momentum (2019)

A movie by Johana Vala, directed by Philip Faith, starring Michael Rien, Danielle Hubbard, Johana Vala and Vincent Lafreniere.

Michael Rien played the role of Nathan Miller.

    - A physician loses his mind in his quest for absolute truth jeopardizing his life and the one he loves.


Scarlett Smoke (2015)

Writer & Director: Alex Pop

Stars: Jonathan BecotteMaha El AssaadRobert Verret

Michael Rien played the role of Doctor Robert​.

    - People confess to a drag queen since she's the only one who could absolve them.