The Composer

SCREEN COMPOSER                                                                                                                                          Since 1994

Worked closely with Filmmakers to compose music for Feature and Short Films. Scoring for drama, suspense and thrillers.​


​       Depressed (Short by Eddy Kara 2013)

       Schemer (Feature by Eddy Kara 2011)

       Sans Pran Souf (Feature by Jean Alix Holmand 2009)

       The Power of Yoga, featuring Ravi Shankar (Short by John Hislop 2009)

       L’Obsession (Feature by Jean Alix Holmand 2008)

       Bataille (Feature by Hugo Levy Lalonde 1996)

       Musac (Feature by Hugo Levy Lalonde 1995)

       City Of Silence (Short by Hugo Levy Lalonde 1995)





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